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Flower progress…

After completing the Floret Workshop, Mary invited me to use a few rows in her flower field to get started. Such a generous offer! The effort to get rows amended, weed cloth down and seeds planted started in March. Now in early July, I’m excited to show some progress!

The start of my flower beds, March 13, 2021.

The flowers are bursting daily! This past Saturday I filled my large trug TWICE from deadheading alone. No weeds in there, just deadheaded flowers. Sad but also satisfying. I should have caught a pic of that!

This was taken on June 30th. Zinnias, Cosmos, Mexican Sun Flowers, Dahlias and more!

I’m spending three to four evenings a week out at the field either weeding or deadheading, feeding or spraying for the many pests that enjoy the flowers! The field is in the shade by 6:00 PM so it is relaxing and not too hot.


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