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Fruit Tree Pruning Seminar at Belmont

A couple weeks ago I was honored to give the Fruit Tree Pruning Seminar at Belmont Nursery. Danielle and Lynne were great support in getting me up to speed on their event and all set up on the day. And Jon, the owner, was very encouraging as well. I’m guessing there were about 50 people attending, which is a great size group for such a talk. So many people had questions about their mature fruit trees, fewer had questions about planting or maintaining younger trees. After the talk, the Belmont folks took participants out to do some hands-on pruning.

Thanks so much to Belmont Nursery for the opportunity!

P.S. Also, thanks to Margie Reiz who allowed me to take some cuttings from her home orchard to use in my pruning demonstration. You can see all the branches strapped to the top of my car that morning!


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